MK2 "Pineapple" Grenade - Full Tutorial

Grenade Tutorial - Chapter 1 - Modeling & UV Layout

Grenade Tutorial - Chapter 2 - Baking & Texturing

MK2 "Pineapple" Grenade - Full Tutorial

Hey guys,

Here is something that I had a lot of fun working on. A compact and short tutorial about modeling a grenade with 3Ds Max and texturing it in Substance Painter. I hope you're going to enjoy it! You can support me by spreading this tutorial among your friends.

Also as some of you know, I am currently working on another full commentary tutorial which will be up for sale very shortly. In this one we will be going the full length on creating an AKM Assault rifle and it's 90% done. Just like this one there won't be any fast forwarding or skipping through parts. More info's very soon!

Cheers !,
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