AKM - Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - Chapter Trailer

AKM - Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - Chapter Trailer - New with Commentary

AKM - Ultimate Weapon Tutorial

AKM - Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - Chapter Trailer

The Ultimate Weapon Tutorial - available now!

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Dear friends, it's time for the next venture into the Chamfer Zone! Your support and feedback on the grenade tutorial kept me going and I am happy to say that the AKM tutorial is now here!
Make sure to watch the trailer to get a taste of all the different chapters available and let me know if you have any questions.

This tutorial is literally a different caliber than the grenade is: prepare for many hours of content and challenges until we get to the end result. I am sure at the end you'll be equipped with a ton of techniques and knowledge that you can apply to your next projects. I hope you'll enjoy the ride!

Cheers, Tim

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