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Hi! I’m Tim – Senior Weapons Artist at Digital Extremes and creator of the ChamferZone tutorials!

I've been working in the Triple A video game industry since 2008. Past work places include Crytek and Ubisoft Toronto. Browse my portfolio to see samples of games I contributed to.

Tutorials that deliver results!

In the ChamferZone tutorials I share all my tips and tricks which I gathered over the years. Let me help you avoiding mistakes and equipping you with powerful techniques and knowledge in game ready 3D art creation.

The golden rule for all tutorials is: No fast forwarding or skipping anything. Every step explained and commented on. I also avoid using too many third party plugins. Keeping it “vanilla” ensures that everyone can follow with the default software and no showstoppers on the way.
Aside from the tutorials I also sell 3D assets which are used by games such as ‘Player Unknowns Battlegrounds’ and many others.

Where to buy?

The choice is yours! Artstation shop is fairly new - I only uploaded my latest tutorials on there. Unity marketplace is where you can find my 3D assets and Gumroad has everything combined and is one of the best known market in the 3D Art hemisphere.

Relevant links: Follow the ChamferZone Facebook page for the latest news and updates Official ChamferZone YouTube tutorials for FREE tutorials and paid tutorial news updates. More samples of my work can be seen here ChamferZone Discord community for tutorial questions or just general 3D Artist related talk stuff :) I am not too active on twitter but .. I'll try to be!

See you in the tutorials! Cheers, Tim