Hi! I’m Tim – Senior Weapons Artist at Digital Extremes and creator of the ChamferZone.

I’m originally from Germany where I started my 3D Artist career at Crytek. After working at Ubisoft Toronto for five years I switched jobs to work for Digital Extremes, the company behind Warframe, the original Unreal Tournament and other top titles. Projects I worked on include Far Cry 4, Splinter Cell Blacklist and the Crysis series as well as other non disclosed titles. In my Ultimate Tutorial series I share all my tips and tricks which I gathered over the years. Expect many more to come. Let me help you avoiding mistakes and equipping you with powerful techniques and knowledge in game ready 3D art creation.

What is the ChamferZone?

The idea of making tutorials was born in 2015, during the work on the recently announced ‘Starlink’ from Ubisoft. Working on a brand new IP from the start usually also means that your portfolio won’t be updated in awhile. Creating tutorials enable me to contribute to my portfolio with fresh content but also teach people that are new to the world of 3D modeling and texturing.

Aside from the tutorials I also sell (3D) weapons under the ChamferZone label which got picked up and are being used by games such as ‘Player Unknowns Battlegrounds’ and many others.

The golden rule for all tutorials is: No fast forwarding or skipping anything. Every step explained and commented on. I also avoid using too many third party plugins. Keeping it “vanilla” ensures that everyone can follow with the default software and no showstoppers on the way.

Feel free to make use of social media buttons in the banner here to connect with me. See you in the tutorials! Cheers, Tim

Titles credited for
Keystone, Starlink, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Crysis 2, Crysis 1 Consoles, Far Cry 4, Crysis 3

Professional Experience
2016-Present – Senior Weapons Artist at Digital Extremes, Canada
2011-2016 – Senior Modeler / Texture Artist at Ubisoft Toronto, Canada
2008-2011 – Modeler / Texture Artist at Crytek, Germany